Please read the following information before attending your appointment

1. If you are an existing customer, please fill in the Covid form and email it to

2. If you are a NEW customer, please fill in the Registration form and Covid form and email to

3. Admittance will ONLY be permitted after completion of the medical and COVID-19 forms 

4. Please call us when you arrive outside the practice to allow us to click you onto the system and guide you to the waiting areas.
We will get you in the surgery and will inform you when it is your turn

5. Please knock at the door and allow our staff to open the door. Your temperature will be measured on arrival

6. You must come alone (exceptions for under 18´s or patients who have reduced capacity and have a carer. Carers will be expected to wait outside the practice 

7. Please brush your teeth at home and use the toilet as toilet facilities will be closed at the practice

8. Please bring your own PPE including masks, gloves, eye protection (sunglasses or any wide rim glasses), hand sanitizer, drinking water and pens for filling out forms, these will not be provided at the practice

9. On entry avoid touching any surfaces including door handles, railings or any other surfaces as far as possible 

10. We always endeavour to run on time but since we are attending to emergencies for patients, we may run overtime to complete treatment, this may require you to wait longer before we see you, please bear with us

11. We will encourage card payments and try to avoid payments in cash